We create games for people.

We craft games with rich storyworlds and extend them into a variety of formats—comics, novels and much more

EOS – Island of Angels

Assymetric Worker-Placement and Engine-Builder Game

Tsukuyumi – Full Moon Down

Asymmetric Area-Control Game

Mothership: Earth

Story-Legacy Game

T.D.O. – Titan Defense Organisation

Chaotic Semi-Cooperative 'Sports' Game

Opus Anima

A Steampunk Role-Playing Game About Grotesque Horrors

What's new

  • New Faction in the Vault and first Lottery

    We are proud to introduce the lottery and announce the first winner! Plus, there is a new P'n'P fraction for 'Tsukuyumi' waiting for you in the Vault...

We are

King Racoon is a small games and storyworld studio based in the baroque city of Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart, Germany.

Our goal is to put all of our heart into creating games. And we need your support to sell and distribute them.

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