EOS – Island of Angels

A asymmetrical worker-placement and engine-builder game.
Playing Time

EOS – Island of Angels is a challenging worker-placement game with unique engine-builder mechanics. Players will awaken Angels, test their virtue, choose the best path to the island, compete for titles, and fight off Demons while doing so.

Once a battleground for Angels that were besieged by Demons who turned all angelic Heros into stone through treachery and deceitfulness, the Islandof EOS has been a mystery ever since.

For ages, the Island of EOS had been hidden under a thick veil of black fog.

People whispered legends of golden figures, Angels and immense treasure - of curses and monstrosities.
In the old days, the ancients sailed massive ships to connect the world and enable trade and exchange between all peoples of Amanun. Nowadays, having to detour EOS, captains prefer to take along warriors instead of sailors.
All modern ship routes take a wide arc around the island in the fog. Some seafarers claim to have seen a steep coastline or peaks of distant mountains in the fog - but even more crews have gone missing investigating them.

May the Gods rest their souls!

One day, an adventurer by the name of Kareem achieved the impossible: he set foot on EOS and found Leanas, an Angel. He managed to awaken Leanas who, in return, thanked Kareem with immortality. Before Leanas went to Heaven, they only had one wish: to awaken their brothers and sisters who are still trapped on EOS to end the war against the Demon Lords once and for all.

EOS - Island of Angels is a worker-placement game with strong engine-builder mechanics. Each player chooses one unique, asymmetrical crew with which to set sail towards EOS. Your ultimate goal is to awaken Angels. Decide if you want to add them to your crew or free them and receive their most powerful gift. But beware of Demons who will haunt your crew and prepare to prove your virtue. Choose the best path to the island, compete for titles, and beat your opponents.

No game is ever going to be quite as the last one.

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