EOS – Island of Angels

Assymetric Worker-Placement and Engine-Builder Game
EOS – Island of Angels
Playing Time

EOS – Island of Angels is a challenging worker-placement game with unique engine-builder mechanics and the decision wether to fight for the light, or to tore the world into darkness by choosing one of X special leaders for 3 to 6 players.

In the old ages seven angels watched after the world and hindered the armies of the demon realm to enter the world and drown it in darkness. One day the worldly worshippers of the Demon King gathered and sieged the island of EOS where the angels ruled. With combined forces they were able to turn the seven angels into stone and to sink the island of EOS in the waves of the red ocean.

And thus began the era of darkness.

Now aeons later the island arises from the ocean and the the seven angels still turned to stone keep their eternal watch. Set off for the island and try to free the angels from their stony prisons to finally bring back light and peace to the world and end the reign of darkness—or destroy the angels once and for all to ensure the reign of the Demon King!

EOS – Island of Angels is a worker-placement game with strong engine-builder mechanics and a twist. Each player chooses a leader, either bright or dark, and puts together a group of adventurers to go for the island. Choose out of 36 unique heroes with unique powers and a variety of bright and dark leaders and decide wether to save or destroy the angels.

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