Mothership: Earth

Story-Legacy Game

Mothership: Earth is a story-legacy game for 4 players with asymmetrical game play about discovering mysteries, histories and moral responsibility.

“The spaceship seemed like a hope to escape the climate disasters. High technology that could have saved us going into space or protected us from climatic phenomena. But with the emergence of enemy alien ships over the South Pole and now the invasion of the entire Earth, we are at the crossroads of whether the human age ends.”

“But this is still our planet! Humans! United we must stand against these threats.”

First there was hope when the climate change and the melting of the pole capes brought the alien spaceship into daylight. Hope that this spaceship could hold the answer in the form of technology to the climate crisis and the downfall of humankind.

But soon after the appearence of the ship a whole fleet of alien ships invaded Earth's orbit and started to threaten the united humans.

And as it was not bad enough for men another battle front formed when the beings from the oceans emerged and attacked both humans and alien invaders. Finally without noticing a fourth entity began gathering forces in the shadows. But the most urgent question remained, why are dead Stone Age people in the belly of the ship at the South Pole?

4 players will go on a fantastic journey in a unique board game full of suprises and revelations.

No two games will see the same outcome in this story-legacy game with asymmetrical game play where every action matters.

Mothership: Earth is currently in development and in a very early stage.

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