Opus Anima

A Steampunk Role-Playing Game About Grotesque Horrors

The world of Kurip-Aleph threatens to be completely swallowed by the distortion in the struggle of larger, extra-worldly forces.

Since the emergence of the innovative god, everything has changed. The knowledge made available by this wondrous machine has brought the everlasting battle of the Lavathors against the timeless into the public eye. The soulless now live among the normal mortals on the floes.

But the realization may come too late. The world is sinking more and more into distortion. The life on the floes is limited to single enclaves, which are protected. Only the Stability Commissioners of the Bizzaromantic League can counteract the continuing spread of distortion.

With “Opus Anima: Revelation” we want to invite old and new players to Kurip-Aleph. A world that is driven by steam, haunted by grotesque horrors and broken down into individual earthly floes, surrounded by the ether.

You play as investigators, Stability Commissioners, special individuals who are able to manipulate the distortion. Your task is to keep life on the Aether Floes as normal as possible, constantly threatened by the omnipresent distortion that changes the whole world and its inhabitants forever.

The "Ether Versum" was already the setting for "Steam Noir – The Copper Heart", a graphic novel by Felix Mertikat and Verena Klinke.

"Opus Anima" is a horror role-playing game set in a steampunk world. "Opus Anima: Revelation" takes place 100 years after the events of "Opus Anima".

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