T.D.O. – Titan Defense Organisation

Chaotic Semi-Cooperative 'Sports' Game
Playing Time

T.D.O. is a semi-cooperative board game about killing a large, mighty titan and getting the most fame while doing so. T.D.O. has a large badass miniature for a board and fun, chaotic game play for 2 to 6 players.

“Since Gaia awoke and has really bruised us on the good old Earth, there has been nothing the same here. My colleagues are a talking chameleon, an invisible DJ and an e-sport icon. So in short: bloody freaks.”

“BUT we'll get the job done. We're the frakkin' TDO... Sure, you can take a selfie with me.”

When the Titans appeared humankind almost was vaporized. But they started to fight back. At first, it was out of desperation that outcasts and those who had nothing to lose anymore climbed onto the titans and brought them to fall.

Out of those first outcasts and freaks the T.D.O. was formed. The T.D.O. were heroes and beloved by the remaining humans. Titan Hunters became stars and gathered lots and lots of fans behind them and with the fans came sponsors and commercial deals.

Now the hunt for titans is a spectacle. It is not longer the fight for survival but pure entertainment. Sure sometimes a hunter gets eaten by a titan or a city gets stomped because the hunters fight each other to get the best selfie on the head of the titan but after all: There is no business like show business!

T.D.O.-Titan Defense Organization is a fast, hilarious semi-cooperative game played on a large 3-dimensional miniature and big creaks for 3 to 6 players. Whoever gains the most money due to sponsoring, fans and commercials wins. It takes place in a rich and colorful storyworld, with wacky characters and hilarious game play.

"All Titans must die! T.D.motherf*** O."

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