Tsukuyumi – Full Moon Down

Asymmetric Area-Control Game
Playing Time

Tsukuyumi – Full Moon Down is a strategy game which avoids lucky elements or coincidences and therefore challenges the tactical abilities of the 3 to 5 players.


'He has woken. The dragon is returning.'

A new world needs a new ruler—and the players are taking sides: Mighty, mutated animal tribes, tough survival fighters and technologically advanced cyborgs fight for dominance in this new era. The players choose a faction and fight with the other players for their supremacy. Each faction differs immensely from the others in their abilities and playing style. Some have only a few, but very powerful units. Others rave about the board with their units. Whoever has in the end conquered and held the most territories for his faction wins the game and supremacy in this new world.

Tsukuyumi – Full Moon Down is a challenging, asymmetric area-control strategy game for 3 to 5 players, which avoids luck and coincidence and thus particularly challenges the tactical abilities of the players. It takes place in a strong, post-apocalyptic setting, the storyworld of which was and is further elaborated by the comic 'Tsukuyumi'.

We fight. For power. And to destroy it: The moon. The dragon. TSUKUYUMI.

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