Board Game & Storyworld Studio

Founded in 2016, we at King Racoon are always working to invent new interesting and compelling worlds in which to present board games, comics, video games and all kinds of stories.

Our main focus is the development of exciting and distinctive board games. Five dedicated world tinkerers have since joined King Racoon.

Our different artistic origins are our strength. True to the motto: Opposites attract, we work on the same idea from different perspectives, expertises and preferences and bring it to perfection together. The origin of a game usually lies in the idea for a world, its characters and the stories that this world evokes.

We at King Racoon attach great importance to the fact that our worlds leave a lot of space and can be easily expanded. Thus we are very happy that the world of Tsukuyumi – Full Moon Down is now home to a board game, a comic and a novel.

Our expertise in game development has grown steadily through years of working on Tsukuyumi and balancing the asymmetric game mechanics, as well as our other projects. We love games with deep and complex mechanics, games that every time you play you can explore them anew.

King Racoon are experts with storytelling in excellent board games.


Felix Mertikat is an illustrator, game developer, lecturer and consultant for the creative industry. He creates new worlds for comics, movies, video games, board games and role-playing games.

His worlds are picturesque, fantastic, futuristic and sometimes dark and melancholic. His artistic journey began in 2008 with the release of the Pen'n'Paper role-playing game OPUS ANIMA, which later became the basis for his award-winning comic series STEAM NOIR.

As an illustrator he was booked by a variety of companies and projects such as Ravensburger, Playmobil, Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, DSA, Snickers, Fanta, etc.

In 2015 Felix founded the label KING RACOON GAMES and published the amusing family game SCHÄFERSTÜNDCHEN, in which bandits steal sheep from villagers. After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback during the International Board Game Fair in Essen, he developed the card game "ALLE MANN AN DECK", which was published in spring 2016.

In 2018 the monumental strategy game TSUKUYUMI - FULL MOON DOWN was released, for which he published a comic of the same name in the Cross Cult Verlag published.

Felix loves walking, Welle Erdball and at any time drawing new characters, worlds and designs.

Jo May was born in the Westerwald and grew up "in the village". He studied acting in Ludwigsburg and worked at various theatres and television productions. He finally turned to other forms of playing than just drama. In addition to his work at King Racoon, he also gives creative seminars and works as a Mentor at Tinkertank in the large field of Digitality.

At King Racoon he works as an editor and project coordinator.

He has a predilection for dice, 80s radio play series and transformation design.

Maxine Metzger comes from picturesque Northern Hesse and therefore says "Gehörn" instead of "Gehirn" (german accent joke^^). She studied communication design in Braunschweig. Her enthusiasm for board games eventually led her to King Racoon.

There she now does everything that has to do with graphic design, layout and print preparation. The layout for Tsukuyumi is derived from her mouse. She also illustrates for other well-known game publishers, as well as indie game publishers.

She loves adventure, colour gradients and unicorns and always wins.

Till Bröstl was born in beautiful Esslingen on the river Neckar. Already at school the interest in board games, tabletop, TCGs, RPGs and many other games was big. Through these common hobbies he and Felix got to know each other and became best friends.

After studying IT, he worked at the Steinbeis Transferzentrum Esslinger Innovationspartner (esip) and finally at BOSCH. Together with Felix he founded King Racoon in 2016.

Till Bröstl loves to create Excel spreadsheets for Pen'n'Paper role playing games.

Johannes Forster is the newest member of the Racoons. He is from Tübingen and found himself at King Racoon Games at the beginning of 2020 after a few detours. Before that, he studied psychology and worked for a consulting agency. He plays RPGs since Secondary School and loves board games, too.

At King Racoon he works as Editor, meaning he takes care of all kinds of texts and tries to implement a more structured approach at work.